Hascelik is a special steel manufacturer that shapes partners’ expectations with its ability to create sustainable value, competitiveness and innovativeness.


To be the leader special steel manufacturer in Turkey and an important and reliable supplier in the world.

Hascelik Corporate Principles and Values

Customer Centricity
Customers are our greatest value and main focus in every sector we operate. Therefore, to keep up with our customers’ present and future expectations and to be a solution partner for them by easing their lives are our main duty.

To make a difference
We are innovative, solution oriented and open to changes. Our goal is to meet beyond expectations by taking any opportunity in existing and different sectors.

Employee Centricity
Our most valuable source is our employees. To support our employees’ education and development continuously is one of our priorities. Maintaining our employees’ motivation and pleasantness at high level by making them take initiatives and be a part of solution is our way of behavior.

Serving more efficiently and effectively is one of our greatest purposes in every field of our activities. Therefore, making high capacity and technological investments and using technology everywhere is our goal.

The trust between partners is very important to us. Building commercial trust with product and service quality is one of our basic principles. We make continuous effort for being fair in mutual trust relationships with our employees and customers.

Contribution to society
We support our employees’ participations in social responsibility projects. In addition, we respect environment in every decision and action we make.